Musings on rock climbing and life.


I'm Connor.

This site was originally intended as a portfolio to showcase my professional work to prospective clients – and, in a way, I guess it still is. In fact, if you're interested in seeing examples and links to my published work, check out my Portfolio.

As soon as I launched the site, I also launched the blog. And then I immediately knew what I wanted to do forever. I want to write about what I do. I want to write about what I'm interested in. And I want to explore how my ideas apply to real life.

This is a portfolio of ongoing, personal writings that some people might find useful – but maybe not. Follow along to learn what I do (mostly rock climbing), where I do it ('Murica, so far...), and what I'm currently learning about.

Thanks for stopping by. If you like what you read, CONTACT ME for business inquiries.


Here's a quaint list of actual work I do, you know, for money:

Contributing Writer for the FrictionLabs Blog, in which I get the chance to write about rock climbing. Check it out for articles on climbing technique, professional athlete profiles & interviews, and more.

Contributing Writer for MojaGear, a hub for climbing-related content and discounted climbing gear.

Contributing Writer for FloClimbing, a subscription-based content provider and video streaming service catering to the climbing industry.

Copywriter & Copyeditor for Mtn. Dog Media, LLC. I write copy for client websites and market their services to the wide world of the interweb.

Route Setter at the Denver Bouldering Club. I've been a professional route setter for six years at multiple gyms. If you're unfamiliar with what a route setter does...I put the plastic holds on the wall.

Contact me for any and all work inquiries – or just to say hi!