Broken Promises & Creating Every Day


I said I would try to write on this blog every day. Well. Now you understand today's title and the headline above...(sorry Dad, sorry Archie :P)

REVISED STATEMENT OF WORK: I shall hereby update this blog whenever I damn well please.

The Creator

I recently made another personal goal – kind of as an experiment to see if I would actually stick to it, and partly as a way to expand my body of work.

A couple weeks ago I promised myself I would create something every day. Anything. As long as it's produced by my mind and body, it counts. I want this to become a habit, a daily ritual that helps me win the day. (A quick note about that last link, there: it direct to the blog of Tim Ferriss, a man you may have have heard of. If you haven't, get the hell off my blog. Not because I disrespect you for not recognizing his name, but because the content he produces is waaay better than mine).

Anyway. Why am I doing this? Three main reasons:

  1. All consumption and no production makes for a dull human. The more minutes that tick by in my life, the more disgusted I become at how much everyone consumes without a second thought about what we can contribute. And yes, I'm lumping myself into the consumer category. Sometimes it's dreary outside, and Netflix is the best thing ever. Sometimes procrastinating is so much easier than writing a blog post, or editing a photo. But then I remember. Creating shit, as it turns out, feels good.
  2. As it stands, my life actually lends itself pretty well to being creative: as a route setter I get to create indoor rock climbs for people to enjoy every week; I am a writer by profession (and look, with this blog post – BOOM – creative act of the day is DONE); and one of my absolute passions is going into the wilderness and developing new boulder problems. That last one isn't exactly "creating" anything new, in a physical sense. But I do consider it a creation. It's a creation of potential, a physical realization of a previously uncompleted act.
  3. I want to leave something behind. When I look back on my past, I want there to be something I can look upon. Something you can see, or feel, or make your own.

I tried to "create" this boulder problem near Cody, Wyoming...but there was a loose hold. So I backed off. (That's Mack in the picture)

The End

So that's it. That's what I want to do. Lucky for me, this blog fits nicely into the "creative" category, so I can just dump a bunch of words here if I'm ever stuck in a creativity deficit.

What's next? Probably some mellifluous, nearly meaningless thoughts on the philosophy of rock climbing. Check back soon!