The Beginning

Why I'm Starting A Blog

Honestly I don't know exactly why I'm starting this. Maybe I'm sick of consuming content across the web and thinking, "damn, I could do that. I should start a blog!" Maybe, subconsciously, my little inner writer with a college degree wants to come out and play. Maybe I just want to write about shit I think is cool.

Yeah, I think it's the last one.

So, I'm going to start sharing my thoughts. Thoughts on what? I would imagine my primary focus will be a slew of seemingly unrelated topics:

  • Rock climbing (including trip reports, rad footy, vlogs, etc.).
  • All the randomness I experience on the daily here in Denver.
  • Maybe some posts about fantasy stories I wish were real.
  • Definitely some thoughts on space, time, spacetime, and the nature of reality.
  • Any newsworthy articles or blogs I find interesting.
  • My travels, if and when I actually travel.

Out of sheer desperation to train my willpower, I'll be updating this blog every day. Hopefully. Maybe. If you find it interesting, let me know. If you hate it, let me know – then go away!